Monday, February 17, 2020

Theme From "The Forest At Night" by Coma Roulette

 What's a radio program without a proper theme song, right?

Composed by your loving host and performed by her band Coma Roulette, this piece encapsulates the essence of our show. The repetitive clanging and chirping of a michelsonne turns into a relentless beat, as the dissonant guitar, saxophone, and piano scream and flail in the background. At once uneasy listening and a source of chant-like relaxation, this theme perfectly encapsulates what we hope to do with TFAN--provide a show that is at once relaxing and disconcerting, dragging you to sleep and plunging you into unsettling dreams.

Our first recorded show will be live tonight at 0000 MST, as always, and the podcast will be available for you to enjoy shortly thereafter right here on our website. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

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